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    Welcome to Quanzhou Tianfa (Tianshun) Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Fujian Quanzhou Tianfa (Tianshun) Food Machine co., ltd, established in 1998, is located in Quanzhou, famous hometown of overseas Chinese. With coverage of more than 22,000 square meter and ¥70 million fixed assets. Tianfa combined design, research,production and distribution. It is a leading food machine co.Ltd with 5000Sets/Y productivity.





        We have introduced advanced equipment and technology from Germany and Taiwan. Main food machine equipments are frozen food processing machine and bakery equipments. Frozen food processing machine includes meat beating machines, frozen meat block flakers, meat grinder, bowl cutter, meat cutter, meat slicer, multiuse food forming machines like fish ball forming machine, meatball forming machine, stuffed meatball forming machine, imitation crab stick processing line, fish dumpling machine, batter feeder, food transfer pump, sausage making machine, sauage griller, continuous food fryer, continuous food cooker, continuous food steamer, sausage cutter, food conveyor etc. Both OEM and ODM is welcomed. Fish/surimi processing equipments contains fish scaling machine, automatic fish killer,fish washer, screw conveyor, fish deboner, mixing tank, rotary screen machine, centrifugal dehydrator, refiner, block former etc.

        Tianfa always adhere to operation aim of “Quality first, Integrity foremost, human oriented and scientific management”, and insist the quality principle of “exquisite work & serious attitude , pursue excellence.”Co-develop with customers.


    Service Support

    Wear Parts
    We always add one more set of wear parts with the delivery of your ordered food equipment. If more is needed later, delivery will be arranged within 4 working days.

    Our food machines are endowed with 1 year warranty. We will work side by side with you to solve any quality issues within warranty time. If necessary, free on-site maintenance services are available. Moreover, we will call for feedback at regular intervals within warranty time.

    After delivery, our technicians will offer installation and commissioning services. During this period of time, comprehensive training will be given to your operators for better machine operation and maintenance.


    Agent Wanted

    Tianfa is the China-based leading manufacturer of food machinery and takes the pride of participating the draft of Chinese national industrial standards of food processing equipment. Currently, we are one of the fastest growing enterprises in its sector in China.

    Now, we are seeking sales agents with the same goals to help us grow our business worldwide. The ideal sales agents will be supposed to demonstrate the following:
    1. Good commercial credit
    2. Certain industrial experience in food and beverage related industries 
    3. Remarkable network of existing clients
    4. Considerable capital strength and delivery capability

    In order to help you be as successful as possible, you will be receiving the following:
    1. Exclusive territory
    2. More profitable price
    3. Marketing support: you can enjoy our web advertising resources in local area.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with the burgeoning development of food processing machinery as well as company growth. If you are interested in sharing in our promising future, please contact us if you have any interest!


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